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Two Bellmen

The Two Bellman is the first short film by Marriott International’s in-house content studio. The brainchild of writer/director Daniel Malakai Cabrera, the short is an action comedy romp that follows two employees of LA’s JW Marriott as they try to thwart an art heist.

Stuntment William Spencer and Caine Sinclair lead the cast through a series of elaborate stunts and parcor tricks, which makes for 15-minutes of fun, nonstop action… And a complex post production schedule. Concrete Grey was brought in to coordinate the technical and logistical aspects of post, including wire/rig removal, projectile, particle and light/prop addition.

The film, finished at 4K for Digital Cinema, premiered on March 10th and you can watch the full version here:

The soundtrack includes artist Fingazz and Malakai and is available on iTunes:

Variety review:

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