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veil show

City Hostel Seattle in Belltown has been gracious enough to exhibit my show - VEIL. throughout April., starting April 13th at the Belltown Art Walk.

VEIL explores the intimate dance between our experience and our own idea of self. This struggle, catharsis, empowerment, and shield shape our identities as much as they define them. The series was created in collaboration with three dancers. Each dancer’s spontaneous choreography was captured in-camera using long exposure.

The series originating from a test shoot using colored LEDs, sheet plastic and long exposure. A custom 4’ x 4’ panel and 7’ strip light was built to cycle through a color spectrum bright enough to illuminate the dancer and dim enough to allow for the open shutter. The saturated colors were shifted back to a neutral palette in post to create both a tension and a cohesion of color. Shot in Los Angeles, the project has taken three years from inception to exhibition, edited from over one-thousand images, and printed in Seattle.

The sale Selected prints and a book will accompany the show.

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