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Guy Ayal : Audio Visual Photoshoot

Guy Ayal is an LA-based Israeli musician whose debut EP Audio Visual released on April 24th. (Avaible now on iTunes)

Ayal wanted a cover design that matched the agressive soundscape of his music. He plays most of the instruments on the album and specializes in guitars and MIDI controls. We started with the general concept of connecting the guitar and his solitary working approach in a shoot at the concretegrey studio in North Hollywood., Experimenting with various backgrounds and green screens we quickly found the vibe we wanted.

There were no constraints on the shooting style and we allowed ourselves the freedom to deviate from the initial idea. Tangents played an important role during the creative process. We were looking for something different and edgy that still respected and collaborated with Ayal's music style.

Cover art was built for a digital release[shown above] and 4 panel eco-wallet.

These four concept photos show the evolution of the cover art as we experimented with the design.

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