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As I stood at the counter he said one sentence that ended my debate over whether to buy the kit.

“it can take the speed rings for your Profoto strobes.”

That was all I needed to hear. I had been dreading the idea of buying another set of modifiers for video. Now I didn’t have to. The craftsmanship is stellar. From the case to the light these gems are compact and can put out some great light. They can dial intensity and temperature separately. Modifiers like a fresnel, globe, 1x1 soft box, and gel holder really make these light versatile. With three 360s I can light a 12 x 12 space well, but I wouldn’t rely on these for lighting much more they just aren't that fast. I also use them for filling in with my strobes when I need a little more light in a particular spot, but they can’t act as a general fill unless you're shooting wide open.

The kit comes with 3 stands, a soft box and holder, 3 barn doors, and 3 x 360 lights in an excellent wheeled case that can hold more than just the kit. Highly Portable and light weight they make for a great kit.

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